Our Needs

Alternative ways to help us

Want to support our daily needs?

As an NGO, we are 100% reliant on the kind donations offered by our friends & supporters.

Here is a wish list of things we are always in need of here at Resthaven Ministries. If you can help with any of these items, we would appreciate it. Please download this list for your convenience.

Our needs for the coming year are as follows:

  • We currently have 21 full time employees.
  • A large portion of our full-time staff have skills and have received training to enable them to do their work more effectively – e.g. our house supervisor and care givers have all attended training in this regard.

Our staff do need to regularly receive on the job training in areas specifically relating to their work – e.g. fund raising, basic computer skills, caregiving, First Aid, CPR, fire-fighting etc.

Training, however, is something that needs to have a continual focus and here we would look to the corporate market to assist by including our staff in their staff training programs where possible in areas like Supervisory skills training or management training.

  • We need to increase staff salaries to more market related levels and also offer additional benefits like provident funds, burial policies, hospital plans, medical aid etc.
    • Many of our residents are in need of dental work, hearing aids and spectacles.
    • We are being pressurized to accept more and more destitute people into our residences. Some of these people are unable to pay the full amount required for their accommodation and as a Christian based organisation we find it extremely difficult to turn people away and onto the streets.
  • Unemployment – currently running 29.1% – and therefore hunger has reached crisis levels. We are finding more unemployed and hungry people who for the foreseeable future will remain unemployed.
  • Food inflation has sky rocketed and as much as we try and limit ourselves to the “cheaper” options we still spend an enormous amount of money every month on food and other necessities.

Fortunately we have been blessed by the likes of Woolworths providing us with food every week which has made a huge difference in our cashflow.

  • Utilities costs are running out of proportion. We have approached Joburg Metro for some assistance in this regard but to no avail
  • In addition to this we are contending with the increasing price of fuel which in turn is pushing up the price of goods and services.
  • Fundraising has become more and more difficult with many more organizations chasing down the same Rand.

As a result of the recent economic meltdown more companies are fighting for survival and are unable to support charities – rather they are adopting the adage that charity begins at home and they would rather keep their own staff employed with their meagre Rands than support organisations like ours.


Our immediate needs

  • David House
    • 18 seater motor vehicle to carry the children to and from school and church
    • Roof needs repair
  • Camelia House and Jasmin House
    • Roof repairs
    • Refurbishing/renovating some of the outside buildings
    • Bathrooms need to be renovated for showers as opposed to baths as the older people struggle to get in and out of the bath
    • Gas geysers
    • Floors need to be re-carpeted
  • New Life Centre
    • Painting inside and outside
    • Roof needs to be repaired
    • Floors to be re-carpeted
    • Remodelling of training room
  • Financial assistance to cover utilities, fuel, salaries etc.

Your involvement allows Resthaven to create a future for those in need in our community. Please join us in bringing change to their lives today.