2020 has been a difficult year for all. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of our existence, restrictions decimated the economic stability of businesses and people alike. NPOs were not spared and our survival is dependent on donor support. Resthaven, through grateful assistance from apathetic partners or funders, retained its services.

Resthaven has managed to provide services in the worst of times and there are challenges to overcome as 2021 presents new hurdles. NGO`s are in a difficult position, where reliance on support, during times when economic conditions are also challenging DONORS, PARTNERS and BUSINESSES.

In its efforts to sustain our services, RESTHAVEN is hoping to secure donations that are affordable for donors, who are still capable to assist us. It also must be noted that Resthaven will provide a SARS 18A Certificate to the value of all donations, whether cash or kind.

We cannot evaluate the importance of donations, also cannot ascertain the precarious nature of current economic & business condition. However, if there is any possibility of supporting us, we shall be grateful.


The goodwill that Resthaven Ministries has accrued has been a largely unplanned by-product of the ordinary support and care that we provide, driven by the times we live in. Times that are far removed from the promise made by our founding fathers of one rainbow nation. Promises that the children of this land of Heroes, shall benefit from the sacrifices, battles won and lost, martyrs loved and lost.

However, let us reflect on the past; examine the fleeting moments of the present and visualize that which we cherish and love, without neglecting those who cry out for help.

Most times we look but do not see the full picture; we listen yet, do not hear and read and do not comprehend the full scenario.


Resthaven, in its 40 years of existence, seen it all and shall continue to contribute, through support from donors, partners and individuals who look at the fading images of nation, once in control, now in turmoil, desperate to find solutions. Solutions that should start at addressing the needs of people.  The values and principles that Resthaven stands for are measured by the public.

Resthaven (NPO) is a fully registered organisation, working within the parameters as specified by the PFMA act, provide audited annual reports, establish Stake Holder Forums to overseer major projects and provide SARS 18A Certificates to organisations that compile Scorecards at financial year end. The question remains can you help us as we are committed to improving the lives of many by the support you provide.

Should you consider any support, please contact us for specific projects or any discretionary donation is not evaluated by the amount but what it contributes to.

Kind Regards

Arul Moodley


Volunteer-Fund Raiser- Project Manager 


  • HIV/AIDS Youth Education in Health Professional Offices Course
  • COVID-19 Facilitator Training (Recent addition)
  • HIV/AIDS Orphans Care Centre
  • PENSIONERS Care Centre
  • COMMUNITY SOUP KITCHEN – Twice a week.