Our Background

where we came from

Resthaven has been operating since 1979 when a soup kitchen was set up to cater for the less fortunate in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg.

The following lays out the various projects that Resthaven has introduced over the years:

  • Soup kitchen

This soup kitchen has now been scaled down and currently supplies soup and bread every Wednesday to approximately 120 senior citizens at the Reuven and Glenesk senior residential villages

  • Resthaven Place of Refuge

In 1992 the Resthaven Place of Refuge – a shelter for homeless men was located at 9-11 Diagonal St, La Rochelle. This offered full board and lodging to residents who are rehabilitated and additionally work is sought for these men to enable them to return to society.

In 1994 one of the houses located at 9 Diagonal Street was converted to a residence for homeless families and single ladies.

This residence became Jasmine Place Seniors’ Residence in 2006.

The men that were located at this residence were relocated to the residence mentioned below.

  • Workshop and chapel

1993 saw the conversion of an old school at the corner of Johannesburg Road and 11th Street, La Rochelle into offices, a men’s dormitory, sheltered workshops, stores and a canteen. Residents assist in the workshops, the kitchen and generally are involved with other chores.

  • 32 Main Street

Another men’s hostel was set up in 1995 at 32 Main Street, Rosettenville

  • New Life Centre, 140 Albert Street

The Southern Nursing Home at 140 Albert St, Rosettenville was acquired in 1996 and converted into the New Life Centre where the offices for Resthaven are now located and which also provides subsidised lunches and recreational facilities for pensioners.

  • Carmelia House

In 2000 Camelia House Seniors’ Residence located at 34-36 Main Road, Rosettenville was donated to Resthaven for use as a senior citizens residence for State pensioners. This residence accommodates 19 men and women who have all of their needs catered for. All meals are prepared on-site.

The Camelia House Annexe was acquired in 2004 in order to accommodate additional pensioners. The intention is to develop this property into garden cottages to provide “life-right” accommodation for seniors.

  • 151 Albert Street

A ladies residence was located at 151 Albert Street, Rosettenville which provides accommodation for 4 ladies – all employees at New Life Centre – who look after themselves.

  • Resthaven AIDS Baby Sanctuary

2004 saw the establishment of the Resthaven AIDS Baby Sanctuary (RABS) located at 95 George Street, Rosettenville.

RABS is a place of safety and provides 24-hour care on a daily basis for up to 10 AIDS-affected babies. These children may not necessarily be HIV+ and are catered for until they are either adopted, move into other baby homes or succumb to the AIDS virus.

  • David House

To accommodate babies who outgrew RABS the men’s residence at 32 Main Street was upgraded and converted into a home for children who are all HIV positive.

This house provides a loving and safe environment for 8 children who will live as a family until they leave the home for various reasons.

  • Metro Food Bank Depot

The Johannesburg Metro Food Bank Depot was set up in 2005 and Resthaven was appointed as the Distribution Depot for Region 9 networking with local churches and charities who provide food for AIDS-affected members in their communities

Your involvement allows Resthaven to create a future for those in need in our community. Please join us in bringing change to their lives today.