Just a quick note to tell you that Misha’s wedding went off without a hitch and was filled with joy and love! Truly a memorable event!! 😊

Then, I would like to assure each and every one of you that your information is and would remain totally confidential. Our policy is never to share any contact or banking details with anyone unless we have received permission to do so.

This month, we are sitting with a HUGE problem! Egoli Gas is discontinuing their service as of the end of THIS month!! Our children’s home has a gas geyser and stove, and our home for the elderly cooks on a gas stove.  We are desperately in need of 2 x 16L gas geysers, 2 x 48Kg gas cylinders, and 2 x 19Kg gas cylinders. We would need these to be refilled on a monthly basis, and of course, being an NPO, we would need this to be done at the best price possible! If any of you guys know of anyone that would be able to assist in this, we would truly appreciate it!! But I KNOW that God is faithful!

We have been blessed by certain companies in our efforts to become sustainable and we thank those who are helping from our hearts!! We are very serious about becoming self-sustainable, but will continue doing fundraising for our various projects, as well as ensuring that our homes have all they need as this is an ongoing challenge!!

Our little soccer star received a soccer ball for his birthday, and he was SO chuffed!! The soccer league is finished for the year now, but he’s practising already for next year!

In my last Newsletter, I mentioned about 2 of our kids who had auditioned for “Acting with the Stars” and – praise God – a benefactor had stepped forward to pay for their tuition. We are super stoked about this!!! Our kids are SO talented. Johnson, Vee and Faith are doing extremely well with their modelling too!! And David! Wow, he makes his own gospel rap, and I was blown away!!

Our CEO, Neil, has arranged for a “Resthaven Tea Spring Dance” and he hopes to make this an annual event. All our elderly, as well as benefactors, staff, interested parties and board members, will be attending and I will definitely post some pics of this event! 😊 Members of Mothwa Haven Old Age Home will also be present.

We often receive furniture as donations, and we are looking at a “Restorative Project” to refurbish and sell these items. Just yesterday, we received a bean-shaped dressing table with an upholstered top and curtain rings for the bottom, a real antique – but it does need refurbishing. At times, we really receive some very interesting items!!

We are also looking at a joint venture to start a homeless centre for skilled people where we aim to train and upskill the less skilled. As well as a day centre for the homeless to come and have a shower and a meal before heading out to interviews or job-hunting.

This is more news than usual, and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about it all as much as I enjoy imparting our news! 😊

God’s great and immutable blessings on each and every one of you!!

With love from Resthaven’s Fundraising Team