Hello Everybody,

Here we are again in September, the weather is warming, the sky is bluer and the sun is definitely brighter! At least I’m not late with this month’s Newsletter again – lol!

We are still standing in absolute faith for our finances to brighten, though. We are really struggling to survive right now and need all the help we can get! Here I go again, but it is really hard to stay positive when management keeps telling us there is no money! However, I DO believe that God is faithful and will come through for us by touching the hearts of people, like yourselves 😊

The soccer club is open again, and our 2 brothers at David House is in their element playing matches.

A trip has been arranged for all our boys to go to the Kruger National Park by the generosity of The Character Company, but we are still trying to get sufficient funds together for that too. Character Company has also arranged for them to do a ‘Rite of Passage’ course on how to become responsible men in this day and age.

Our young man who had gone to the Motus Academy for a learning program on car mechanics is attending regularly on the days that he doesn’t have school. He is absolutely loving it and we are overjoyed for him!

The Call Centre is in full swing and our young people are trying hard to complement our finances! So many companies are still going through tough times though, that it is definitely not easy for them. See our pic below:

We DO need to thank our regular donors who have stood by us through thick and thin – those that support us on a monthly basis, quarterly basis and also those that send annual donations. Huge kudos to a foundation that normally helps us on an annual basis who has doubled its support during these tough times!

Other than this, there is really not much news. We miss Steve Rudd, our former CEO dreadfully but he richly deserves a break after all the years he has been like a father to all of us!

I am SO standing in faith and anticipation that those of you who have a heart for children and old people will support us with whatever you are able and wish each and every one of you the very best of God’s saving grace and tender mercies 😊

The Resthaven Fundraising Team