SPRING IS HERE! And I think we are going to have a HOT summer! Before I get to the positive news for Resthaven’s September month, I need to tell you that ingredients for our Tuesday and Thursday Soup Kitchen is running low. If you are able to help us with vegetables, barley, lentils, and whatever else goes into a hearty soup AND bread to serve with the soup, we would be profoundly grateful.

Now to the positives 😊

Brian, Nizaam and Desmond – our resident McGyvers – are revamping our bus! Soon we will be travelling in a crazy yellow bus to take our children to schools, and our elderly to hospitals 😊.

Our eldest in David House, his name is Martin (Gift) – an amazing young man. For long I’ve wondered how we may assist our kids in being mentored in their chosen careers.  Martin has his heart set on producing, screenwriting, directing, acting and becoming an author.  He has already started writing! Now, I’m appealing to you guys out there – if there is ANYONE who can help Martin realize his dream, PLEASE contact us.

Our next exciting time was when we had a spot at a Golf Day held at Eye of Africa Golf Club, which was arranged for us by  our CEO, Steve Rudd and Riverside Church in Kibler Park.  A GREAT day was enjoyed by all, people were SO friendly and we had the chance of getting Resthaven’s name out there!

Then, there were birthdays! 😊 Prins turned 9, and Solly 11 years old.

I am sure you have all realized by now that I tend to keep to the positives, which does not mean there are no negatives! Our world is filled with a LOT of negativity, and I find it an absolute joy to read about positive things instead, but we DO battle with our finances – especially in our current economic climate.  A group of ladies from a well-known banking institution got together and gifted us with a 16Kg Whirlpool washing machine for our kids’ home and we are absolutely DELIGHTED with this wonderful gift, as our old one wouldn’t have survived another service! Ladies, we thank you profusely from the bottom of our hearts and praise God for bringing people like you into our lives!

There is another amazing lady who visited our homes with her family and friends from church, who had brought the amazing fragrance of Christ Jesus with them and had uplifted our residents beyond imagination! Thank you Sylvia, family and friends for an amazing day!

Well folks, that’s it for September month 😊, December is coming closer and we are already gearing up for the Christmas season to make it as joyous as possible for our residents! Any help in that department would be GREATLY appreciated!

Wishing everyone an amazing October month!