Hello Everybody,

It is such a pleasure to, once again, share our news with you but first let me say a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out a helping hand in the care of our HIV+ orphans, abandoned children, and destitute pensioners.

I do, indeed, wish I could give each and every one of you a big hug!!

Through various big hearts, we now have a library at our children’s home, David House and the kids are absolutely loving this space.

It was an event celebrated by old and young alike.

Next, our boys with the soccer – they are truly playing with heart and soul. And are reaching amazing heights – Daniel won an award, and Njabulo’s team won their premier league.

Most of our boys were taken to Ellis Park by a regular donor to watch the rugby and they SO enjoyed that.

Our primary school kids were assessed, and none were found wanting. Praise the Lord!

We mentioned in our last Newsletter about our boys who had a Matric Dance and we are so stoked that the same regular donor who had assisted with their suits, had arranged special transport as well as provided ALL the kids with pizzas and cooldrinks. See pics below:

The kids were also treated to a picnic during the school holidays.

Our headboy, Giffie, is finishing his NQ1 this year and we need to put him in a college for his final year.  We are in great need of sponsorship to put Giffie on his big step to his future.

Then, we had the Spring Dance for the elderly. Neil, our CEO, started this last year and it was by HUGE demand that he had arranged another one this year. It seems this may become an annual joyous celebration. The old people absolutely had such an amazing time and danced up a storm, even those that we never thought would. Our CEO, Neil, always claims he has two left feet, but he really outdid himself dancing with everyone, and doing the Jerusalema.

Other than this, we are busy preparing for the Christmas Season, and seeing as most companies close over that period – and our offices do too – we are really putting shoulders to the wheel.

Should you be at all able to assist us in ensuring that our children and elderly suffer no lack in this time, we would be profoundly grateful.

We have 2 birthdays coming up at David House, Gift will be turning 17 and Kingston 15. That will be our birthdays for the year! 😊 the next birthday coming up will be Valentine on the 14th of February.

Our next Newsletter will be our last for 2023.

Once again, I wish to thank everyone who has supported our cause, and speak abundant blessings over you!

We look forward to sharing our news with you again next month and sending prayers, wishes for good health, and success in all your hands touch, to you all!

Warm regards, Resthaven Fundraisers