Hey Guys and Girls,

Here’s hoping you are all enjoying the warmer weather and the lovely rain. I am NOT going to mention the load shedding.

It’s time to share all our news for the month of October 😊!

Our two children who have been blessed with coaching by Acting with the Stars will be starting their first workshop this weekend. Needless to say, they are super stoked!!

The excellent news is that all our kids did SO well with their exams, AND ….. taadaa ….. three of our boys were chosen as prefects. This just proves how well-founded our pride in our boys is! And one of the prefects has been chosen to go to a Leadership Camp soon AND he is also being interviewed for the Head Boy position at his school.

Our youngest is graduating from Grade R with a big ceremony!

Oh, and I must mention that our soccer boys both got medals for their excellent play!

Our birthday boy for 4th October was blessed with a trip to Gold Reef City by Bets and also Danelle of Gold Reef and we thank you so much for making his 18th birthday so special.

I will include our birthdays for December in this Newsletter, as my next one – the November Newsletter – will be the last one for 2022! I cannot believe how this year has flown by – and please don’t tell me it’s because I’m old! 😊

We have a boy turning 15 on the 18th of November, and two ladies at Camelia House on the 10th of November and 31st of December respectively.

We have a new resident at Camelia House by the name of Auntie Avis. Auntie Avis is in her 90’s already, and has been living in a flat all by herself for a long time! However, she now feels the need to have people around her. She is a sprightly old lady and we welcome her with open arms!!

With Christmas and the December holidays around the corner, this is the time of the year when we need to start ensuring that our homes are well-cared for. Especially as our fundraising department will be closing over the December holidays! Caring for our people at the homes is – as always – an ongoing challenge and we SO need the help of heroes, like yourselves, to assist us in this matter!

To the people who always help us, your generous hearts, abundant caring and compassion are the only thing that encourages us to carry on. Plus, of course, our faith!! To the people who have not yet decided whether they would help us, believe me when I tell you helping an organization, like ourselves, will truly give you a warm feeling in your hearts!

Great changes are happening at our Head Office, we are preparing to renovate more rooms for the elderly with the help of companies that understand the situation so many of our elderly are in. We are also facilitating an organization called Life Choices, which assists pregnant and new mothers. Another portion of our premises will be hosting Riverside Church, which will be opening a store called “Restore” selling books and gently worn clothing. All this in an effort to become more self-sustainable.

Just a short Newsletter this month, and we look forward to sharing our next Newsletter with you 😊

Love from Resthaven’s Fundraising Team

PS: Our boy who does modeling with Figures has a chance to go on a cruise where they will be selecting male and female Models of the Year. To empower him, he is selling raffle tickets to the value of R100 each and there are 3 raffle prizes. All 3 prizes are cabins on the same cruise with MSC Cruises. The first is a balcony cabin, 2nd a sea view cabin, and 3rd an inside cabin. If you would like to assist him, contact Gerda on 066 272 0569 or gerda@resthavenministries.co.za and she will provide the banking details, with the reference ‘Johnson’! Make our boy’s dreams come true!! I am personally taking a ticket or 3 as I have once before had the opportunity to go on an MSC Cruise and it was – most definitely – the best holiday of my life! The tickets have to be sold by 30th October 2022!