We do not have much news this month, as it has been a rather quiet month as most people have been supporting breast cancer month, and we applaud them for that!

I can tell you that Auntie Angie, whom I’d introduced in my very first Newsletter has now moved into Camelia House and we are overjoyed that she is now not only our oldest staff member, but a resident at our home!

More good news is that some of our children had received certificates of excellence, and we are proud to name them:


Other than that, this is a time of preparing for Christmas and the December holidays, and we have sent out Wish Lists to our homes on what they would like for the Festive Season!  We are still awaiting responses but, generally speaking, we need decent cutlery, crockery, glasses, and whatever else would make for a joyous celebration during this time!

Oh yes, I almost forgot! We have a new fundraiser too! Her name is Sharon and we welcome her with open arms as we need to meet the minimum of R140,000 monthly, just to cover water, lights and salaries for our loving caregivers!

So guys, if you can help our residents have a happier end of year, whether it be a visit or a gift to the organization, know that it would be profoundly appreciated!

That’s it for this month, and I look forward to chatting with you all again next month 😊