Dear Friends of Resthaven,

I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe it’s the end of the year AGAIN!! At this time of the year, we have to ensure that our children and elderly suffer NO lack during the time that we are unable to raise funds and to the people who had stood by us throughout the year, there are no words to explain how much your commitment and benevolence have meant to us and our homes!! With utter humility and gratitude, we thank our Heavenly Father for you!!!!

We are hoping for a lot of visits to our elderly and children, seeing as very few of them have their own families to spread joy and love over the Christmas period 😊

We are super proud that Johnson, our very own male model, won an award at the last competition held by  Figures Modelling Agency, and we pray that he reaches great heights in his chosen path!

Our elderly love their Bingo games, and their last one was on Monday, just gone by:

Then we also had our regular visitors to our home for the elderly, which goes without saying that the old people absolutely LOVE:

AND they were treated to a Christmas Breakfast by a regular visitor, too which they thoroughly enjoyed 😊

All praise to God for our Christmas donations which, up until now, has been phenomenal and certainly redeems our faith in God and humanity!

Our precious Chantelle has been invaluable in assisting our elderly for shopping, doctors’ visits and outings 😊

And two of our fundraisers already have the Christmas spirit 😊

We would like to extend our humble and grateful thanks to each and everyone who has stood by us throughout this year, we would not have been able to care for our people the way we did without your generous and heartfelt support!

AND we would like to wish you ALL an amazing Christmas Season, hoping that you would enjoy AWEsome times with family and friends and come back in  2024 with good health, thoroughly rested, glowing with the love you had received over the holidays and a renewed zest for helping those who would be unable to return the favour.

Yours always in total humility and sincerity,

Resthaven Fundraisers