Greetings to one and all,

Oh my word, I just can’t believe it’s the end of the year again. And what an eventful year it has been AGAIN! Funds are still an ongoing challenge, especially as so many companies are still battling to get back on their feet, as we are.

Resthaven’s CEO, Neil Williams, together with Ingrid, our social worker have got big plans for the future of Resthaven. Neil is looking at creating a homework space, a gym space, and an entertainment space for the children at David House.

Neil is also planning on opening more rooms for the elderly at New Life Centre because the call for accommodation for the elderly is just never-ending. I find this one of the saddest things of all since working for Resthaven Ministries.

For all these changes we are going to need the support of our heroes, people like yourselves, as plans would have to be drawn up for the David House changes, and of course, the equipment that would be required to fill the aforementioned spaces, e.g. pool table, dart board, tv, couches. Then we would require bathing facilities, beds, etc. for the seniors’ rooms at New Life. Any and all assistance with these changes would be profoundly appreciated.

There are big plans for December too! Gold Reef City, Mall of the South and Thaba Eco Hotel and Kraal Restaurant will be spoiling our kids and seniors with a day programme, treating them with a game drive and bush picnic, and a day at the Gold Reef City Theme Park for the children, and movies and lunch for the elderly. We are so stoked that they have taken such an interest in our cause 😊

Neil is also planning on taking the seniors on a holiday to the coast, and we will be garnering funds to make this possible in the New Year.

I cannot forget to mention Egoli Gas who has helped us with our gas supply conversion. Egoli Gas let us know in September that they would be discontinuing their supply to Resthaven Ministries as the infrastructure has become so aged, that it is now considered a danger. They helped us with the new supplier, and other tasks too numerous to mention, as well as providing our homes with vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens. Thank you, Egoli Gas! Your support is profoundly appreciated!!

Last month I had mentioned that one of our boys is being considered for becoming Head Prefect at his school, and WOW HE MADE IT. Plus the other two becoming prefects for their final year at school! This just proves that we are definitely doing something right for our children for them to achieve to such a brilliant extent! And hopefully, this would be a challenge and example for the younger ones. Of course, now we need to purchase special blazers for the head boy and two prefects, and we SO NEED your assistance with this, please. Oh my word, and stationery for all our kids is SO NEEDED. Should you have to share, it would be joyfully received with grateful hearts.

Not to forget our youngest, Gracie’s graduation! She was so chuffed and said she’s going to be a scientist when she grows up. WOW!

My first, and so far only, donor from LinkedIn – Seshnee Naidoo, and her entire family visited with KFC for the children and seniors, as well as nibbles such as sweets, crisps and cold-drinks for the children on Saturday and a great time was held by all.

One of our donors has promised a substantial donation each month for the next 3 months.

Once again, I MUST say a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has stood by us throughout the year. This does not only come from management but from the hearts of the fundraisers here at Resthaven Ministries, as well as the caregivers and housemothers. We just wouldn’t be able to take such good care of our children and seniors without your support.

Wishing each and every one of you an amazing, loving Christmas Season and a New Year where we can all reach for the stars. By God’s Grace!

Warm wishes,

Resthaven Fundraisers