Hello everyone 😊, this month I am coming to you with a phenomenal story, one which has warmed our hearts – and I’m sure will do the same for you.

In June of 2019, a very lost and heartbroken little girl came to us at David House. She was adopted from Mozambique by an American family and – due to unexpected delays in processing her US immigrant visa, was unable to go to America with her family. Her mother and sisters returned to America, and her father stayed behind to sort out the visa problem. They were stranded here for a long time! During this wait, her father suffered from some health issues which necessitated him travelling back to America and – heartbrokenly – had to leave this little girl behind. Resthaven was able to get her into a school and adopt her into our David House family, but she always looked SO sad!! Recently her mother was able to sort out the visa problem, but due to Covid-19 was unable to return to South Africa to fetch her little girl and was stranded at airports for days on end! Finally, her mother was able to travel to South Africa and they were reunited! What a joyous occasion that was! We were sent the video here at the office, and I can tell you that it brought tears to the most hardened hearts! She is now headed home to America to join the rest of her family 😊 and they are grateful that Resthaven has provided a safe space for her to live and grow while she was separated from her family.

Now to more mundane matters, Christmas and stationery lists are looming, and – as usual – we need all the help we can get 😊!

The offices of Resthaven will be closing around mid-December and opening again on the 11th January 2021, so no fundraising will be done during that period!

We hope and trust that you would stand with us during this period, as many of you have been doing throughout the year and we laud those that have supported us!! If I had hallelujahs on my computer, I would be placing them here to honour those people that have stood by us!

Absolute KUDOS to ALL OF YOU who stand by us on a monthly basis, and heartfelt thanks to those who support us on a quarterly, or even annual basis!! You guys are ALL our SUPERHEROES!!

This means that this will be my last Newsletter of 2020, and we wish you all a New Year filled with such abundance, that Covid and all it’s side- and after-effects will become nothing but a distant memory.

May God bless you, have a wonderful Christmas and an abundant 2021!!

Lots of love,