Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of the month again that I share all our news. We really enjoy keeping you all up to date on what’s happening with our children, elderly and the entire organization 😊

It’s been a hectic month organizing everything for the opening of our new premises, and it was truly a hit. The event was very well attended and everyone praised the new premises! The new house will be used for management and fundraisers, as well as hosting future events.   

But, before I carry on, let me take this opportunity of thanking those people who had come through for us during the month of May.  We truly appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts.  Caring for growing children and the elderly, who become more frail as time goes by, is a constant challenge, which we would not be able to do without your kind hearts and generosity. Your input has an immense impact on our operation. And is going to be needed even more as we prepare New Life Centre for many less-privileged elderly people.

Here are some pics of the opening:

It was truly an amazing event, and we would like to thank all concerned who had made it so successful. There were pop-up stalls, live entertainment and the tables were filled with delectable snacks.

It has also been decided to use the current head office building, New Life Centre, as additional housing for the less fortunate elderly, praise the Lord!! Much prayer has gone into this decision and we are overjoyed, simply because we receive so many calls for elderly people who have no support system and nowhere to go.  This will not happen overnight, as there is much to plan before we start with this initiative.

On the same day as the opening of our new premises, our children went to an Art Festival held by Visions of Joy.

Our boy Giffie, who had this year joined the school Dinamika had to go and play rugby, which he thoroughly enjoys! However, he seriously needs a Dinamika rugby jacket. If there are any old Dinamika school-goers on the mailing list that has a rugby jacket to donate, we would appreciate it from our hearts! A new jacket costs about R1,000!!

Talking about needs, our boy Johnson has joined college and is studying IT. He is in dire need of a Core i5 laptop for his studies. If there is anyone that could perhaps assist in this, it would be totally appreciated from our hearts.

Next up is the birthdays 😊:

First the elderly – Maureen will be turning 79 and still looks really good, and Bobby will be 74 and he loves Elvis Presley. There are no birthdays at David House, one of the staff children, Mary, will be turning 7 and a precious caregiver, Refilwe will be turning 35. Refilwe helps to care for the elderly, and they love her there!

We were blessed with a new little guy at David House 😊. His name is Keagan and he is 5 years old, the cutest kid. This child was left at Park Station when he was a baby, and has been from home to home until they brought him to us. When he arrived, we had no clothing to fit him and we put out a call for pre-loved clothing in sizes 5-6 and shoe size 10/11. Within an hour we had a resident that lives close to the home drop off clothing, shoes and a school bag. Then another precious donor had actually gone out to the store to buy this little boy warm clothing that would fit him. We also had a donation of clothing and shoes all the way from Soweto. At times like this, we can really see God at work in the hearts of people, and we are profoundly grateful.

Our children were also blessed with gifts of fruit and sweets by another donor, and we are so happy to tell you that our children continue to do very well at their schools, as per the report cards we received after the first term.

Now for the big move to establish our Head Office at the new premises, and getting New Life Centre ready for new residents. There is some major maintenance to be done to New Life Centre, as we need to paint it out, provide some shower cubicles for the males and another bathroom for the ladies. I also know that you are all familiar with what a huge job moving is LOL.

That’s us for the month! I hope from my heart that you are all well spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally AND financially 😊 That God would make His Face shine upon you in all those aspects and we look forward to sharing more news at the end of next month.

Lots of love from all our Fundraisers