Resthaven Ministries have decided to create a monthly Newsletter in order for our existing and possible donors to get to know how MUCH your donations impact the lives of our residents, and others whom we assist!

We are going to start by introducing you to our very deserving staff:

STEVE RUDD, our CEO, became involved many years ago when a little girl by the name of Gabriella from our Baby Sanctuary decided to adopt him and his wife. Steve comes from a corporate background and is responsible for distribution of funds, ensuring our homes have power and water, and the renumeration of our staff so now you can understand why he is so grey!

Dear AUNTY ANGIE is our treasurer and ensures that all funds are paid into the correct boxes! She joins Steve in prayer often when funds are lacking!  Auntie Angie is 85 and an absolute joy to have around!

DESIREE HODGSON and her husband, BRIAN: Desiree is our Operations Manager and is responsible for the distribution of food and other product donated, as well as ensuring our homes are running without problems.  Her husband, Brian, is Resthaven’s handyman and fixes buildings, our mini buses – which continuously need fixing as they are so old, and whatever else needs his attention. Here’s a heartfelt hint to anyone that knows someone who could sponsor us with a minibus lol!

That’s enough about management for now, next month we will introduce some of the staff that keeps our organization running like a well-oiled machine, and thereafter the housemothers, caregivers and residents of our organization. But we will continuously keep you in the loop of happenings, achievements and blessings as time goes by!

In the meantime, we have been blessed with four new kids! 😊  SAP brought four little brothers and sisters, between the ages of 2 – 12 to our door, as the parents are on drugs and neglected these precious little beings.  The eldest little boy even mentioned to the housemother of the kids’ home that this is the first time they had ever slept on beds! Our kids now total 13, not to mention the children of the staff whom we keep in mind constantly, as well!

We have arranged to do gentle exercises for the elderly at the office at New Life Centre every Wednesday and they laugh, chat and socialize with great joy during this time.

I, personally, need to say THANK YOU to Mercantile Bank for their absolutely amazing donation to our cause! Natalie Williams, we SO appreciate your efforts on our behalf!

Huge appreciation is extended towards Word of Mouth Caterers/Frozen for you for the amazing donations of frozen meals we receive from them on a random basis! Also, profound thanks to all who support Resthaven on a financial basis.

We also need to extend a HUGE thank you to Fatima, Roxy and their fellow professionals at Head Games International Colour Studio for coming to see to our seniors’ hair every 8 weeks or so!!! Another joyous occasion which EVERYONE enjoys! 😊 We make a little video of it each time and post it on our Facebook page, which we would love you to *LIKE*

We had, recently, celebrated the birthday of one of our residents at Camelia House, Aunty Myrtle, who turned 89 and is such a sprightly, wise old lady! 😊

Well, that’s it for now! Hope you had enjoyed reading and learning about us, and we look forward to sharing more information with you every month!

Abundant blessings to all, by the Grace of God!