To all our amazing Readers,

It’s amazing how quickly time is passing! Here we are celebrating Easter already, and I hear there will be a major eclipse on the 8th of April!

I started off with a “Thank You” image as some of our donors have been really supportive this month. The impact you guys have on the care of our HIV+ orphans, abandoned children and elderly is HUGE!! And I truly believe that none of what we do, could’ve been done without your support. For this we thank you all – you know who you are 😊 – from our very hearts!!!

The boys are really excelling at soccer!! Our little Skylar’s team came 2nd in the tournament. They played 5 teams, drew 3, won 2 and unfortunately, lost the final. Congratulations, Skylar and we say watch this space with this amazing little soccer player.

We also had a couple visiting David House with lunch and treats for the youngsters, which we greatly appreciate and they love visits like these!

Our local counsellor was so kind as to bring teddy bears for all the children 😊 AND we were blessed with a brand new 17Kg washing machine for David House! This is SO much appreciated as the volume of washing for all the children is great and their old machine was really on it’s last legs 😊

Shame, I am terrible – I had forgotten to mention the birthdays at Camelia House, our home for the elderly for the first part of this year!! Our Louise D had a birthday on 3rd January and turned 68, Jeanette turned 73 on the 22nd of February, and Auntie Avis will be an amazing 96 on the 29th March. Vibrant ladies, all of them!

As for the children, we have Njabula turning 17 in May, and a little girl, Bonolo turning 11 on 26 May. Desmond, our McGyver’s little girl is turning 6 today, 26th March and his son will be 9 on the 9th May. Caregiver Refilwe’s son will be 12 in April, the cutest kid and I call him BoyBoy! We also have 2 staff children on 8 May by the names of Kashiefa and Bothale, Motlotlehi is our housemother at Camelia’s son and he is turning 13. Wow, our children are growing rapidly, and our staff children are just as important to us as our children in David House!  Especially in the world we are living in right now!

Our 2 boys who had gone to Mpumalanga for an internship in the hospitality sector came to visit last weekend 😊, it was a joy to see them again and they, indeed, looked more grown-up than ever!

Well, that’s our news for this month! We wish each and every one of you the very best Easter weekend!! Don’t eat too much chocolate and if you are travelling, please be safe!

May God’s grace and peace be with you,

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