Hi Guys,

Here I am back again with the news for June. Unfortunately, there aren’t too much, as I’m sure we were all waiting for the results of the elections and many donors were unable to assist until that was cleared up. This resulted in our organization pulling somewhat on the short end, but we do understand!

To date we have not had any visits to our children for Youth Day, and have not heard anything that is going to be done for Mandela Day, which is rather disappointing.

Although one of our regular donors to the Children’s Home did take the kids out to Gold Reef City’s Amusement Park for a day. They absolutely loved it, especially the two new little boys!

Talking about the new little boys, they are aged 5 and 7 and when they arrived, they came only with the clothes they had on! It was a scramble, but God is great, and within no time and thanks to the good hearts of our donors, we had them kitted out with warm clothing, including school clothes and shoes!

The 5  year old was abandoned as a baby, and adoption is an option for this cute kid who is still young enough to adapt.

Our children are attending Holiday Bible Club through the church that they attend, and are finding it to be great fun and informative!

We currently have a volunteer student who has been spending time with the children and sharing activities and programmes.

We are also planning programmes regarding child protection which would last approximately one week and are looking at sharing this with our local primary school in the near future. Should there be anyone interested in our Social Worker, Ingrid, sharing this with their schools, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Ingrid is also planning sessions with the soup kitchen attendees regarding women and child abuse, and imparting wisdom on where to go should they experience such abuse.

I’m sure I did mention in my last Newsletter that management and fundraisers will be relocating to the new premises, and that we are looking at refurbishing the current office building – which is huge – into another home for the elderly, this time for less fortunate elderly people.

We have started with some renovations, Camelia House has received a fresh, new look with all the rooms having painted in cheerful whites and pale blues. A shower and toilet has been added to the 2 outside rooms, although this still needs to be painted. And paving blocks have been laid in the front garden of Camelia House to create ease of walking with wheelchairs and walkers.

The big project is refurbishing the old office building now to provide rooms for the less fortunate elderly.  Here we would require 2 gas geysers, install an additional 2 shower cubicles and have the floors redone with vinyl as the current tiles would be too cold for the elderly. We would also require a fresh coat of paint inside all the rooms to make it as bright and welcoming as Camelia House.

The main aim is to make the building as habitable and comfortable for live-in residents as possible.

Our woes continue with our vehicles ☹, each and every vehicle has been for repairs lately.  These vehicles are very old, except for our bus which we were blessed with during the Christmas Season in 2022 and it’s a constant battle to keep them going. But we continue in faith and prayer!!

Should there be anyone that you know that would be able to assist with gas geysers and shower cubicles, it would be profoundly appreciated.

Well, Guys, I think that’s my news for June, not very cheering and the geysers and showers cubicles are very important!

Another thing I MUST add is a huge thank you to those people who did go the extra mile to support our children and elderly!! We love your kind hearts and philanthropic spirit ❤️❤️❤️

May we all rest in the assurance that God hears our prayers and is never far from us! Resthaven, as a whole, and I, personally, can certainly attest to this!

Keep well and warm until next time,

Resthaven’s Fundraisers