Dear Friends,

It’s that time again 😊 to share our news for the past month of June, but first of all, I would like to say a HUGE and HEARTFELT thank you to all of you who had stood by us throughout this month! It has been a really tough month and if it hadn’t been for those people who had supported our cause, we would not have been able to do what we need to do!

Let’s get to the birthdays now 😊 We have no birthdays in July for the kids, but Sandy at Camelia is on the 15th! ❤️❤️❤️

The ladies that support our children and elderly on a regular basis have outdone themselves this month. We have a lady that regularly sends monetary gifts for our children’s birthdays, a lady that brought KFC for the kids, yet another regular donor that brought tracksuits, hats, scarves, and KFC on a different day, and another dear lady who had brought snacks, cake, and cooldrinks for our children, as she had grown up in an orphanage herself! These women are truly special and we SO appreciate their big hearts!!

We also need to say thank you to the company who had blessed us with blankets and warm clothing, as well as the school who brought boxes and boxes of noodles, which will not only be used for our homes but also for our bi-weekly soup kitchen 😊

We still need around R500 for Prince’s “Rite of passage” course which he will be doing with The Character Company, and speaking of The Character Company – they have measured our boys for their matric dance suits! We cannot thank them enough for the good that they are doing for our children!!

We have many birthdays for the month of August – David, our poet and gospel songwriter is on the 26th, Gracie who is now in Grade 1 is on the 22nd. We also have 4 birthdays among the elderly.

All this news is quite uplifting, but I need to tell you that we are really battling right now and we are working at a deficit! Should you – or your company – be in a position to assist, it would be deeply appreciated!! Ensuring that our children and elderly do not go short of food, water, and lights and paying our caregivers’ salaries is a priority which we are falling somewhat short on right now!

Well, that’s our news for now – not as bright and positive as usual as we are feeling the pinch but as always, we hope in our Heavenly Father who has always been faithful, and we trust He will come through for us again!

But please allow me to reiterate how much we appreciate ALL the help we receive, I cannot even begin to mention names as I might leave someone out.

Lots of love from all of us at Resthaven Ministries