Hello All ,

I’m late again, but had a good reason this time. We have been getting everything together to start our Raffle, with a Drinks Hamper as a main prize.  I know, you are going to say: “A ministry raffling a drinks hamper?” Tough times call for tougher measures, and I must add that we in no way support or encourage over-indulgence or violence against women and children! The hamper comprises of a bottle of Tequila, a bottle of Absolut Vodka with ice bucket, 2 bottles of red wine and 19 bottles of three types of craft beers, as well as snacks. Tickets will go for R250-00 and we hope you will all stand with us in this. Below is a picture of our main prize:

There are also follow-up prizes such as a voucher for a 2 free courses on a Tree Top Adventure by Acrobranch Huddle Park and a painting.

HUGE thanks must go to Woolworth and By Word of Mouth for supporting us with food on a committed basis.  We just would not be able to feed our people without their help! As a matter of fact, the donations we get from By Word of Mouth go further than our homes more often than not! We have about 6 other organizations that get fed through their generosity.

We have previously mentioned that most of our children at David House are past the age of adoption and we would like to appeal to you to consider fostering one or more of our kids. We have one family of 4 little brothers and sisters, we have twins and the rest are single children. Our kids enjoy the best kind of family life we can offer, but need to experience proper family life. Many of them are doing extremely well at school! There is, of course, certain criteria that has to be adhered to like having a passion for caring for children, no history of child abuse, no criminal record, no dependence on any substances, etc. You could contact our social worker, Ingrid on 011 435 2790 or ingrid@resthavenministries.co.za to discuss this possibility.

Then there is also Sylvia’s Camino Walk! For more information on this, please check our Facebook page titled Resthaven Ministries. She will be walking many kilometres and is asking for sponsorship of R100 per km. We really appreciate her effort in raising money for Resthaven, as we have been battling to keep our heads above water. End of May was a desperate scramble to raise money to pay salaries to our caregivers who do their work with total love and dedication! Also, as you can see from the pic above, our bus has been in an accident and is a write-off! Transportation is imperative to get our kids to school, elderly to hospital, etc .

But here at Resthaven, we can testify of the saving grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father!  We went through a very difficult time at the end of May, and special thanks must go to everyone who had come through for us! God’s mercy reflects in every one of you!

Bless you all, stay warm and safe during this cold winter month!