Hi Guys and Girls,

I can’t believe how time is flying! Mandela month has come and gone! And we had awesome visits and gifts, PLUS a HUGE Mandela Day event which was held at our Chairman’s church where we offered a HOT shower, clothing, and food to the many homeless and needy people in our community 😊 It was well-attended, and there was this one Caucasian lady who told us she’s been washing with cold water these past 5 years and was so enjoying the hot shower, that she was crying and dancing during her time in the shower! This day was held in conjunction with SoJo, Gold Reef City, Mall of the South, and various other entities and NPO’s and it was a HUGE success, we totally praise God for this!!

We also had visits from individuals and companies bringing groceries, blankets, warm clothing, and shoes for the kids, snacks, T-shirts for the Holiday Bible Club, a printer and cartridge for David House children for homework purposes, and pamper packages containing sweets, coloring books, novels, and chocolates.

The children also had an outing to St. Mary’s Home for Children, and someone took them to The Transport Museum PLUS someone sponsored them to go and see a Kaizer Chiefs soccer game at FNB Stadium.

Prins did his Rite of Passage course, and says it was tough, like a bootcamp! Skylar was selected for the provincial soccer league and he is beaming!

Our seniors received blankets, and a surprise pamper parcel for Women’s Day from a regular donor. However, we are only handing over the pamper parcels on Women’s Day 😊 Each housemother and caregiver got a pamper pack from these same wonderful people!!!

We are in desperate need of 6 single wardrobes for the additional rooms that we are preparing for the elderly. By God’s grace, we now have enough beds but still need linen and bedside tables.

Talking about need – we have been battling to get donations of A4 copy paper, and as with every business, we need this like yesterday! Without copy paper, we would be unable to process and sign the Section 18A tax certificates, for one thing!

There is something absolutely amazing that happened, and I almost forgot to tell you about it!!! One of our seniors, Sandy, was unable to keep her little boy when he was born 50 years ago and had to give him up for adoption.  All these years, she has been praying over him and hoping to find him one day! It was her birthday recently and what an amazing birthday gift she got!!! Her sister, whom she hasn’t been in contact with for over 30 years, contacted her and told her she has good news and she hopes Sandy is sitting down!! Sandy’s son had been looking for her since his adoptive parents had passed away and Sandy actually had a conversation with him on her birthday!! She was sobbing and glowing, and laughing and bouncing all at the same time!! The son does live in America currently, but said he cannot wait to meet her face to face! What a wonderful God we serve, He is Faithful and True, and brought Sandy the most precious birthday gift EVER!!

Now to the birthdays:

There are 3 birthdays at David House for the children and another 3 birthdays at Camelia House for the elderly during August. A generous donor had already sent a donation for these birthdays! Thank you SO much for being such a caring lady!!

September has one birthday for the children, that’d be Prins and one at Camelia House, which is for an elderly gentleman, and a true gentleman he is! We also have a birthday for one of our fundraisers and one of our caregivers.

And, of course, I have to mention the raffle we are currently hosting in conjunction with Auto City Cares!! For a ticket of R100-00, you would stand a chance of winning a vehicle to the value of R350,000-00. The draw will be at the end of October by Auto City, and all proceeds will go directly to the care of our children and elderly!

Oh my word, I almost forgot about the Gauteng SNOW! For some of our children, it was the first time they had seen snow and they, as well as the adults, absolutely LOVED it!

Well, everybody, that’s our news for this month! I am wishing you ALL well, to keep warm and healthy in these last throes of winter! Personally, I cannot wait to see the gardens bloom and blossom!

May God’s Face shine upon each and every one of you, may He make your paths straight before you, and may you be blessed beyond comprehension!

Lots of love,

Resthaven Fundraisers