Greetings 😊!

I feel as if you had all become friends because of your interest in our monthly Newsletters! And, although I had personally not expected ANYthing this Mandela Month, as nothing had been hard and fast, it was a surprising and phenomenal month, indeed!! But first, may I thank everyone who had responded to our children’s August birthdays, truly heart-warming

We had so many visitors – Schindler and Covenant College popped in with groceries and non-perishables (2 trolleys each). PWC came and visited with goodie bags for our children and elderly – each bag contained a beautiful soft blankie, a beanie, a thermal cup, warm winter sox and edibles. Angeline from Harcourts popped in with bags of oranges for our soup kitchen peeps. And Sojo, together with Redefine Properties, Mall of the South and various other participants arranged for 3 car loads plus a trailer full of goods such as groceries for our homes, clothing and curtains. They also provided seating and RocoMama burgers, chips and cool drinks for ALL our residents, old and young alike, as well as the staff and management of Resthaven. It was an awesome and exciting morning to spend with the people that we care for, our wonderful donors and our caregivers. I have included quite a few pics so you can see and understand our excitement 😊!


In other news, our boy Prince was chosen as “Man of the Match” for soccer. Our eldest, Martin wrote, directed and acted in a play hosted by ArtsInsideOut together with Nkosi’s Haven and Johnson was chosen as one of the finalists in “Face of the Year” with Figures Glenvista.

Figure 4 Martin at Market Theatre

Our kids are really stepping out with their myriad talents, for instance, David writes and records his own music and I was MOST impressed!! They have now also connected with IMTA (International Modelling and Talent Association) with Misha’s help and quite a few of them are going for auditions.

We are going to need outfits, sponsorships and a camera, among the few things that I can think of right now. We really want our children to have every opportunity possible to achieve their dreams!! We also really need a sewing machine!! So, if anyone out there has a sewing machine they are not using that’s still in good nick, it would be profoundly appreciated!!! Curtains, outfits, and all sorts can be done should we be blessed with one!!

Well, as far as visits and gifts of product go, we were blessed more than I had imagined!! And we are profoundly grateful for each and every visit and gift! Now, we fundraisers have to double up on calls for finance. This is an ongoing challenge as utilities on the homes and salaries for our caregivers, etc. has to be honoured on a monthly basis and, quite honestly, July has been the most difficult month we have had for quite a while!!

That is all my awesome news for the month of July 😊 and – as usual – I wish for God’s Face to shine upon each and every one of you!!

Warm regards, Resthaven’s Fundraisers