Hi Guys,

It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of Garth, who lived in Jasmine House. Garth was Aunty Angie’s son and I had introduced Aunty Angie to you in my May 2019 Newsletter.  She was our bookkeeper but has since retired and is now living at our other residential home for the aged, Camelia House. Garth passed quietly in his sleep and was a gentle, positive soul. He will be dearly missed:

To date, we have lost 5 of our elderly – Gayle, Willie, Buddy, Garth and Dave. Dave (David Lindsay) was the last to go home to Jesus from his hospital bed, he was such a gentle and sweet old man and he and Garth were great friends:

The good news is that Steve Rudd, our CEO has come through his covid trial bravely and is doing much better, as is his family. He is also semi-retired now, and we have a new acting CEO, Neil Williams who has taken this position with aplomb and is fitting in amazingly!

HotSlots, who had helped us to install a cold/freezer room for our food donations, has agreed to assist once again with the revamping of Camelia House’s kitchen. 15-20 people are fed through this kitchen 3xtimes daily and we sorely need a streamlined design with a semi-industrial feel. If you guys know anyone that does kitchens, we need ideas on the planning and procuring of cupboards, sinks and a new gas stove please!

Other news is that Trinity Methodist Church’s Reach Out Programme, through our social worker Ingrid who is a member and Praj Reddy has gifted us with finance for PPE’s. Now our staff at the homes can be fully prepared for all eventualities. Here’s Neil, our new CEO standing with the PPE suit:

The sad thing for our kids are that – due to the social distancing, lockdown, etc. they had no visits or gifts this Mandela Day. But – it’s still Mandela Month, so – as always – we live in hope.

The Camino Walk that the volunteer, Sylvia was going to do to raise funds for Resthaven was cancelled due to the pandemic. Poor Sylvia is quite upset as she has been training hard for this long walk!

Debbie Baikie, through our previous CEO’s wife, Jackie Rudd has gifted us with Vitamins C, Zinc and D for our children at David House to keep them healthy during the pandemic and we are very grateful for that.

We have been battling to raise funds due to the impact this horrible pandemic has had on EVERYONE! And we understand that to top it all our internet has been giving problems too , so we are standing in total faith that God is in control and whatever happens this month would be totally by God’s grace and mercy!!

All of you – please look after yourselves and your loved ones! Stay warm, well and safe! Wishing everyone the very best!! Xxx

From Resthaven’s Fundraisers