Greetings to one and all! And wishing you a 2023 filled with joy, positivity, and success in everything our hands touch according to God’s promises and riches!

We hope everyone had a joyous Christmas Season and look to this year with expectations of abundance, no matter what the news say! 😉

It has, indeed, been an eventful holiday time for our children and seniors and I can thankfully say that our homes were blessed beyond expectation!!

Our kids and oldies were blessed with a game drive and lunch at Thaba Eco, the elderly had a movie and lunch at Gold Reef City, while the kids enjoyed the rides. Both homes were invited to Mall of the South for lunch and a visit from Santa. The kids then went to 21 Jump Street to enjoy the games, while our grandmothers were treated to a manicure/pedicure at Sorbet, as well as a hair wash and dry and after that they all had pizzas at Del Fourno. Huge and heartfelt thanks to these entities for showing our people a wonderful time over the Christmas period.

As a matter of fact, there were many who came and provided special lunches and some with gifts over this period. I have to mention Sue Lubbe, as she makes Christmas lunches for our homes an annual event 😉 Another company has promised to fetch our seniors for a massage, mani and pedi on quite a regular basis.

Martin and Angie will be having their last workshop with Acting with Stars this weekend, and they will be doing production and filming in April. We may be housing some superstars here at Resthaven!! Martin is also writing matric this year, and we sorely need to buy his matric blazer at a cost of R850-00. If someone out there could assist with this, he would SO appreciate it!!

A lady that had an 80th birthday, came and celebrated with our seniors at Camelia House and a great time was had by all!

Our boys went on a Velocity Camp, and absolutely loved it! Speaking of our boys – the 3 of them who became prefects, and whom I mentioned in my last Newsletter, also require special school blazers now and the cost of these are R620-00 each. Here is another plea for support for our boys, please!

We were totally blessed with stationery and I don’t think our kids require a single item in that department, praise the Lord!!

While we are talking about the children, we have a birthday on the 14th February, and this petite young lady’s name is Valentine. She will be turning 9 and is an aspirant model with Figures.

Things have been quite hectic with the power outages and aging infrastructure! Right now, we are battling with half of our offices on low voltage, and the other half not working at all! Our success in caring for our homes depend entirely on our phone calls and emails, and reaching out to as many people as possible. So, prayers for everyone in South Africa for this tiresome problem!!

With management totally preoccupied with this power problem, we are waiting to have a meeting to discuss our 2023 Wish List, as well as a Project List to share with you all and we are standing in total faith and expectation of having our targets for this year met, by God’s Grace, merciful kindness and incomparable love for each and every one of us!!

Our profound and heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of you that had stood by us, spoiled our kids and seniors, and plan on continuing your largesse during this new year! We simply cannot do what we do without your generous hearts!!

We look forward to sharing news with you again next month, and wish you all a blessed February!!

With much love and good wishes, Resthaven’s Fundraisers