Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and is looking forward to 2021 with faith, hope and expectation as we are 😊.

I had asked our CEO, Steve Rudd for content for this Newsletter and he told me: “We’re here! We made it!”

For those who had lost loved ones, we feel you and our hearts and prayers go out to you, and everyone in hospitals daily when we do our morning devotions.

Despite social distancing and lockdowns, our seniors and kids did enjoy their Christmas holidays. Our elderly was spoilt with gifts and food, and they loved every minute of it!

A bit of sad news, we did lose our darling Auntie Myrtle (pic above with their crocheted gift blankets) in mid-December due to heart problems. It was rather unexpected, even though she was well into her 80’s, and she is dearly missed as she was such a vital old lady.

Ingrid, Resthaven’s social worker, took the children to see the Christmas Lights at Melrose Arch but funds were limited for treats. A Good Samaritan, who must have been God-sent and a Pizza Angel, came over and bought all the kids pizzas and soft drinks. It is SO heart-warming when these things happen 😊. Thank you, Pizza Angel!!!

Another heart-warming happening is when Nick, of Radiokop Spar, gave our children 25 pairs of school shoes, he’s the Shoe Angel, and the kids were overjoyed at starting their new school year with new shoes!

We still need stationery, school uniforms for those who don’t stop growing 😊 and – of course – finances for the overheads on the homes, which has – shockingly – risen to R200,000 monthly since the pandemic had started.

And a gentle reminder that financial year-end is coming up for a lot of companies, donations to us DO count as tax reliefs 😊

And here we are, almost at the end of January again! We pray for an end to the pandemic, normal social visits and even a hug or two now and again.

Wishing everyone the love of Jesus in your hearts and minds,

May God bless you, have a wonderful Christmas and an abundant 2021!!

Lots of love,

Proudly serving as a fundraiser at Resthaven Ministries