Dear Friends,

It’s a Leap Year and being a supporter in the empowerment of confident women, I am hoping some of you have taken the initiative to improve – whether it be in your love, work, or emotional states 😊

Enough of the jokes, we are here to share our news and I always try to keep to the good news, not only to make my day better but in a sincere hope of uplifting yours too.

This month, I’d like to touch on one of our residents at Camelia House, Nadine.  Nadine had a major stroke years ago which left her impaired on the one side of her body. In November last year, she suffered another stroke which was quite debilitating – she was unable to talk or walk, and she couldn’t focus or think clearly.  But she is truly a remarkable, determined, and admirable lady – she fought through this and is now receiving ozone treatment.  She has regained feeling in her one arm and is facing each day with faith, joy and positivity. She puts on her make-up, does her hair and wears a nice outfit, and is ready to face whatever comes her way! I have hardly ever come across such faith and determination 😊 pics below show Nadine sitting, Sandy in blue and Heidi with a new blanket 😊

Also at Camelia, I have previously mentioned to you that Sandy has been found by her son whom she had to give up for adoption more than 50 years ago? Well, he is coming from America to visit her for her birthday in July!! She is beyond excited and it is almost all she can talk about!

Our Heidi has just come back from physio for her second hip op and is doing very well, praise the Lord!

The news about how happy our elderly are at Camelia House has spread far and wide, and although the home is filled to capacity, and our waiting list is LO-O-O-ONG, we constantly receive calls from elderly people seeking accommodation. It is astounding and heartbreaking when you realize how many elderly people there are out there who have no support systems and nowhere to turn to.  Because of this, our main focus this year is to make more rooms available for these poor elderly people who have no one to assist them.  We have some amazing ideas in place, but need the support of the community to implement them!!

Our children, Prince and Skylar have been chosen for soccer league and will be playing their first league match soon. Kingston has also gone for trials.

Our boy Johnson is now at college to do his Level II and Gift has gone into mainstream schooling to do his matric. Oh my word, our children are growing up SO fast!

David and JohnJohn (Johnson’s twin) is now working at an industrial hotel outside of Johannesburg.  They are sometimes up at 4am preparing food for the guests, or cleaning and doing laundry.  It has taken them a bit of time to adapt to this new regime, but they are doing admirably! David is even singing in the local church now 😊 Johnson is really missing his twin, JohnJohn and this brings me to the birthdays 😊 

Johnson and JohnJohn will be turning 19 on the 7th March and we truly applaud these boys for their fervor in wanting to improve their lives!

Our Valentine at David House had a birthday on Valentine’s Day and a wonderful lady, and her friends, who celebrated her own birthday on the same day came with cake, sweets, etc. to celebrate with Valentine. Things like this just affirm how great God has made us!!

Now the not-so-good news! We are battling with finances this month and we are in dire need to be able to settle our utility accounts on our homes!!

It is the Tax Year End, and may we remind you that any donations given to alleviate our needs on or before the  29th February will be regarded as a tax-deductible expense for which Section 18A tax certificates will be issued.

You guys know I always try to keep our Newsletter upbeat, but when our needs are greater than our income, I am forced to ask for your help!! 

Donations not only earn our gratitude and a tax-deductible certificate, but I am hoping it would warm your hearts as it does ours!!

Our widows and orphans are reliant on YOUR benevolence and kind hearts!!

It is still the month of love, and may I just reiterate that we LOVE you guys for your interest in our children and elderly 😊

May you live in God’s Promises and keep your focus on Him!

Always sincerely,

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