Oh my goodness, but time is flying! I am sure we have all forgotten that we had a break over December by now! It seems as if things are improving for many of us, but it is still an uphill battle to get where we would like to be, isn’t it?

Due to covid and the consequent lack of funds, we have had a serious problem with our utility bills and are in arrears right now. They came to cut the power at our homes, but – praise be to God – we were able to circumvent that problem. However, we still need substantial amounts to settle these accounts

We have 2 new members in the Fundraising Department: Misha and Bulelwa and are overjoyed that Misha has arranged a Shadow evening with Spur / Panarotti’s at The Glen Shopping Centre where we would shadow the waiters for a portion of that table’s bill at the end of the evening. This is taking place on Wednesday, 2nd March from 6 pm until closing and we hope to see you there should you be in the area!! See leaflet below:

We are overjoyed that one of our children has left to be with his biological family, but will miss him immensely!

Needs for our children would be soccer boots, sizes 6 and 8, if anyone would be able to assist with these, it would mean a lot to them!

Also, one of our children has never been to the Kruger National Park and there is an opportunity for him to go in April. For that, we would require an R250-00 deposit and a balance of R2,250. I do believe it enriches our children to have such an experience!

Should anyone be able to do cakes and a little gift for our children’s birthdays, this would also mean a great deal to them and to us! We do our best, but having 12 children kind of minimizes our ability to make it really special for them!

Well, that seems to be my news 😊! With my next Newsletter, I shall share some pics of the Spur / Panarotti’s event with you and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! Definitely hope to see you there, if you are living close enough!

Oh, it would also be good to share that Life Choices, the organization that joined us last year and who counsels, advises and motivates pregnant ladies, new mothers, and even those who are considering abortion, has now acquired a sonar to assist in their work!

Wishing you all God’s richest blessings until next time!

Fundraising Team @ Resthaven Ministries