Dear Readers,

I am somewhat abashed, I had totally forgotten about the Newsletter this month! But apart from praising our good, good Heavenly Father consistently, there really isn’t that much news this month.

The one thing I cannot wait for is summer! It is really taking its own sweet time this year! Then there’s this stomach bug going around, a really bad one! So, please look after yourselves!

It is with great joy that I can share that Sandy’s son in America (whom I told you about last Newsletter) is keeping in constant contact and phones her at least once a week.

Our oldies have a new hobby and enjoy Bingo once a month 😊.

George, our resident top-class gentleman and woodwork master, fixed all the wooden chairs and varnished them to look good so that the elderly at Camelia could enjoy the sun on their shoulders. We kind of rigged a work bench for him outside his room and he truly makes marvelous things, little cross earrings and all sorts of stuff out of wood.

It is also his birthday at the end of this coming month, as well as Isobel – caregiver at David House, Sharon – our long-time fundraiser, and Prince on the 16th September. I’m not going to put the ages of George, Sharon, or Isabel – LOL – and I’m not quite sure if Prince is turning 13 or 14.

For November, we have Kingston on the 7th and he’ll be 15, Giffie – our Head Boy – is turning 17 and Debbie at Camelia House is also during this month.

Our soccer boys are doing SO well!! Daniel is number 1 in his group and Skylar is at the top of his group.

The Mall of the South had an event to fight Gender Based Violence and our kids attended with Ethel, their housemother. Out of the 100’s people there, three of our boys were blessed enough to receive some absolutely amazing prizes like movie nights and meal vouchers.

We are also extremely blessed with the continual mentorship given to our boys by the Character Company. One of the gentlemen there has arranged for a vintage car to take the boys to their Randeor Matric Dance on the 18th September. They are all kitted out with suits too!

Skylar has been blessed by one of our regular angels to go to Acrobranch with his class for muscle, mind, and co-ordination in a beautiful setting, as they described it.

Our Ronel, who does the distribution and general management here at the office, is in hospital and our prayers are with her constantly!

David House has been blessed with a brand new stove and they are really chuffed!

The kids have really been doing well and have been receiving awards and certificates in various capacities, but I’ll tell you all about that in my last Newsletter of the year.

That’s it! I did think I could make this month’s Newsletter a little longer, but there we go!

May the last 4 months of this year bring you all joy, health, peace, love, and success in whatever your hands touch!

Always yours,

Resthaven’s Fundraising Team