Hi Everyone 😊,

It’s time to fill you in on what has been happening in our world again. Receiving feedback on our Newsletters, or just a line to say ‘I’m happy for you’, or ‘I know that feeling’ or even ‘How dare you be so happy when I am so miserable’ would be such a boost for the one writing these Newsletters!! Even if I cannot help with your problem, we could pray together as I am a firm believer that there is power in prayer 😊

Well, the news for August is that Misha (one of our Fundraisers), is getting married here on the premises with a draped arch, and all the “tierlantyntjies” that go with an event like that and we wish her many, many years filled with joy and love, that they would tackle each challenge with positivity and prayer and to keep God first in their lives!

With such an awesome response on our August birthdays, I hope – by the Grace of God – that including the birthdays every month may spark the same enthusiasm 😊 On the 16th of September, we have Prince who is Gracie’s brother and will be turning 12. Gracie had never had so many dolls in her life before for her birthday in August! I don’t know if you all remember how I mentioned, some months ago, that we had 4 new children from one family, 2 little sisters and 2 brothers and the eldest told us on that first night that this is the first time that they are sleeping on beds?? Gracie and Prince are from that family. Gracie’s sister is aspiring to become a model and Figures Glenvista is sponsoring her as well as Johnson. And on the 4th of October is the birthday of our Movie-Star-In-Training, his talent, career choice and dreams are most impressive!! 

I am not sure how you all feel about me including the birthdays of the elderly in our homes?

We were blessed with a HUGE donation from Studio 88, boxes and boxes full of stuff for which we are extremely grateful!! Thank you, Studio 88!!! 😊

Three of our boys did the Cross Country Race. Prince and his elder brother are our soccer stars! We truly have exceptional kids in our homes!! And I, for one, am extremely proud of each and every one of them! I had mentioned the IMTA in my previous Newsletter, and we are very chuffed that both kids who had auditioned were chosen to participate. This is a wonderful opportunity as people like Amor Vittone will be training them, the only thing here is that it would be about R16,000 each for them to complete this training in the required 4-month period!

We have had no feedback on a possible donation of a working sewing machine, much to my regret.

And, oh my goodness, that’s all the news I have for this month! I cannot wait for warmer weather because my winter wardrobe just feels a bit overworked right now! 😊

May God’s face shine upon each of you!!


Resthaven’s Fundraising Team