A while back one of our little girls was adopted by a family and we are SO happy for her! But what ripped my heart out was the looks on the faces of the children left behind! As they are all between the ages of 12 – 16, they are considered past the age of adoption but that does not dissipate the longing in their little hearts to belong to a “real” family, although we try our utmost to provide for all their needs, loving them unconditionally as most of them have been with Resthaven since babyhood!  Their need to belong to their “own” family is indisputable!  And makes me wonder whether there aren’t families out there who would consider fostering one of our bigger kids, or take them for a school holiday, weekend or even a day?

And that is my cue to introduce you all to Ronel, who has been housemother for the children’s home since 2008.  She joined Resthaven Ministries 19 years ago, and worked with the babies at first, and our teenagers now, were her babies then 😊.

I would also like to take this opportunity to honour our handful of monthly donors! Your assistance on a monthly basis restores my love for humanity! And it goes a long way towards helping us honour our commitments 😊  I COULD name you, but do not want the rest to feel bad 😊.

Other news, our senior ladies, some of them well into their 80’s are absolutely LOVING their exercise classes – which we do at Head Office every Wednesday! To see them – walkers and all – doing their stretches is a joy in itself, and there is ALWAYS music and laughter to ease the stretches! 😊

The five new children who were brought to us recently are now all settled in school, registered with DSD and the youngest, Gracie, turned 3 on the 22nd and her party was held yesterday 😊 Party packs and joy was shared by all, old and young, and as you can see – I think their pet puppy has adopted Gracie’s new doll!  Another birthday is today – 26th – for David, who is turning the ripe old age of 15! We had celebrated both yesterday, after the children came back from church, where the new kids were dedicated.

It is SUCH a pleasure sharing our ups and downs with you all, and the Newsletters are tackled with enthusiasm and optimism every month 😊.

May God bless you all according to His abundance for your caring and interest in our cause! Until next month, keep well and all the best!