Hello again Friends,

This month we have amazing news – by the Grace of God we have purchased new premises where we intend to grow. We will have more space for newcomers in our homes, we will have a workshop where we intend to have a sustainable income, we will be planting vegetables and, in time have certain training for the unemployed. This is a huge leap of faith for us, and we are truly hoping that you would attend. There will be an auction arranged by SOJO, as well as a raffle and stalls which would not only be making this a celebration, but also a means of raising funds for our HIV+ orphans, abandoned children and destitute elderly.

As far as other news go – we had a braai for the elderly yesterday, seeing as the weather has warmed up somewhat. They enjoyed it so much, that they visited together well into the afternoon 😊

Soccer and rugby for the boys at David House is really going from strength to strength and the First Term report cards for our children was a definite feather in their caps. Skylar and Giffie are now in new schools and they are thriving. Although it has just come to my attention that the two eldest boys at David House requires laptops for their school work! If anyone can assist with these, it would be welcomed with open hearts by all of us!

There are families that visit our children to bring beanies and scarves, as well as treats. A church blessed them with easter eggs too 😊 We have also received a donation of ink for the printer at the childrens’ home AND a brand new washing machine, as the volume of washing for 11 children had the old one on it’s last legs. HUGE thanks to our benefactors, it really means the world to us.

Character Company, who mentor our boys at David House and have been doing so for many years already, had a Donor Appreciation Event, and our boy Johnson gave a speech to show the profound appreciation our boys have of all they have done, and will continue to do for them.

We are in serious need of two things for our children:

  1. Winter clothing such as track suits, jerseys and socks for school and weekend wear;
  2. Tutoring in literacy and maths, especially for Kingston and Skylar who are battling with their reading, and maths for Johnson.

As for the birthdays, we have Bonolo turning 11 on the 26th May and Njabulo is turning 18 on 28th May. At Camelia House, there are none for May and the next birthdays for the elderly will be in June. For our staff children, we have Kashiefa on the 8th, Daniel on the 9th,  Luke on the 16th and Brian, our Maintenance Manager is on the 15th.

I would, once again, like to reiterate how much we appreciate you all!! Your support and interest in our cause is beyond value to us!

May God bless you ALL according to His Riches in all aspects of your life!

Sincerely yours,

Resthaven Fundraisers