Hello again everyone! 😊

Last month I mentioned how the time is flying, and look – it’s almost Easter again!! Hope everybody had a wonderful long weekend and Human Rights Day!!

Now let me get to all our good news! We had asked if anyone would be able to help one of our youngsters to get to the Kruger National Park excursion and the response was amazing! His full fee is settled and he will be leaving next Wednesday, YAY!

Four of our boys have now joined the soccer club and is enjoying this activity tremendously.

The Shadow Evening with Spur/Panarotti’s at The Glen was such fun and all our bigger boys were shadowing the waiters, as well as a huge number of kids from St. Martin’s School. There were 3 birthdays that night, and I’m sure you all know the dancing and singing that goes with birthdays at Spur!! 😊 The kids said it was dope!

We are in the planning stages of a performing arts event set for the 10th of September. This is the “Suicide Prevention” day and will be the theme for the show. There will be a play, a fashion show of clothing the kids had designed or revamped, a few pop-up shops, and we anticipate much fun to be held by all! We will be needing mentors and fashion fundi’s to step up and join. More on this as time goes by ………….

We are truly blessed to say that we are inching out of the hole that the pandemic has dumped us in, by God’s Grace and the wonderful people that support us. I do not want to mention names, but we have received some phenomenal financial support to help us see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. There is still much to be done before we can say we are okay, but I – for one – have learnt that keeping my eyes above the storms and focusing on our Good Good Father, is a sure method of not getting despondent or depressed by what the world shows us.

Well, it’s a short newsletter this month, but it is written with joy and gratitude 😊

I pray that everyone reading this also feels a bit lighter and more optimistic!

From the Fundraising Team @ Resthaven Ministries