Hi Everyone,

I’m back with our news for the month of April. Let me first get the sad news out of the way, our dear Auntie June passed away quietly while watching TV on 20th April 2022. She was about to turn 81 years old. What a way to leave this earth! Silently, peacefully, going home to Jesus!

One of our children received a sponsorship from Figures Modelling Agency and he is in his element. We need people to donate to him (as per the donation page attached), as he may be able to win a prize to go on a cruise! Should you be able to assist this young man in his dream by donating, please use ‘Figures’ as a reference when donating. He is aiming at becoming a fashion designer too! And he is gorgeous! He also needs help with a formal black trousers and formal black shoes, clothing size is 16-17 years and shoe size is 7, his age is 17 years old.

We are seriously battling with our ageing transport and the price of fuel to take kids to extracurricular activities, as these are back to normal in what feels like it may be our post-pandemic period 😊 All our kids are doing so well judging by their report cards!

After we had the shadow evening at Spur / Panarotti’s, our kids are afire to look for weekend jobs. A few of them had been offered this opportunity, and they are extremely chuffed!

Our Kruger National Park recipient will be leaving in this week 😊 and he can’t wait! He is SO excited!

The four little brothers and sisters – who were our last intake at our home for children, arrived with no birth certificates, and it has been a huge battle to get them registered, especially with the youngest as we had the wrong information for her. Also, we had just been blessed with a new little boy of 8 years old. Precious little kid whom we are praying will settle in soon.

Then we had the misfortune to deal with cable theft, which seems to be happening more and more, especially during load shedding. So, we had no power for 6 days and only received our power back on the weekend of 23rd April.

We are still in dire need of donations of textiles, thread, sewing machine, haberdashery, wood, paint and spray paint, varnish, candles, sandpaper, screws, nails, hinges, handles, woodworking tools, egg boxes, 2L and 5L coloured plastic bottles (washing detergent bottles), baking powder, baking ingredients, newspapers, any plastic bowls and buckets for the big event we have planned for 10 September, International Suicide Prevention Day and which Misha is putting her all into! The kids want to do crafts with these items to offer for sale at the event, so time is of the essence. We are also asking if there is anyone else that would like to put up a stall on that day? The premises are still to be secured.

We also need mentors for event planning, scriptwriting, sound / stage management / lighting, fashion designing, dancing, musicians, DJ’s, acting and modelling. If you are someone who can assist, or know of someone who can, we offer your name / company name to be included on all our social media pages, as well as a Section 18A tax certificate to the value of your contribution.

Please Guys, we need your help to make our first big event a total success!

Huge thanks to one of our regular donors for the extra donation to be used for Easter Eggs for the children!! Noleen, I don’t know what we would do without your generosity! Speaking of easter eggs, Angeline (from Harcourts) and her daughter (who donated her birthday cake to the children at David House a short while back) came on Easter Weekend and showered our kids and elderly with chocolates and hot cross buns! Thank you so much, Angeline, from the photos I can see that it was much appreciated by all! (see pic above)

Stay warm, positive and hopeful!

Lots of love,

Resthaven Fundraisers