Are you interested in helping but not sure how?  Helping a charity does not always mean writing a cheque, there are many ways you can assist not just financially, but with your time and talent, your network of contacts and even with prayer.

There are so many ways volunteers can assist:

  • Be an activist; promote Resthaven on social media and to your contacts
  • Be a fundraiser; instead of receiving gifts for a special occasion, raise funds for us
  • Use your cheerful nature and time to spend quality time with our residents
  • Use your talent as a skilled tradesman to assist with repairs
  • Use your time as a Christian father to commit to being a regular role model to our kids
  • Use your youth group to arrange regular visits to our kids
  • Use your green fingers to spruce up our gardens
  • Use your fun nature to gather friends to put together birthday celebrations for our residents & kids
  • Busy professionals could assist us by connecting us with corporate sponsors
  • Set up a regular debit order to support us financially
  • Pray for Resthaven; for the safety & wellbeing of our kids, residents and staff
  • The list goes on!

Why not visit us, take a tour and find out about what we do and how you can possibly assist.  Get in touch with Steve on   011 435 2790 to arrange this.