In 2006, some frightening statistics, which were compiled by various organisations, show that there are around 22 000 children dying before they reach the age of one month and 75 000 children die before their fifth birthday.  These deaths are mainly caused by what is more commonly known as the “big 5 “

  • poor pregnancy and childbirth complications,
  • newborn illness,
  • childhood illness,
  • HIV and AIDS, and
  • malnutrition

Poverty is defined as a household income of less that R1 200 per month. Poverty impacts on how a child’s basic needs are met and is often closely related to poor health, reduced access to education and environments that compromise personal safety.

Hunger is used as an indicator to monitor the extent of food insecurity among households with children.

Children who are nutritionally deprived are vulnerable to cognitive and other developmental impairments that include lower intelligence, poor educational outcomes, stunting, wasting and a diminished capacity for work in adulthood.

We are still trying to get grips with the HIV status of the deceased as this is unknown in at least half of all reported deaths.

Resthaven Ministries baby and children’s programmes focus on health, poverty alleviation, nutrition and spiritual education which is a critical component.

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