a place to restore your soul

Find a Need and Meet it, find a Hurt and Heal it

Based in the Southern suburbs of Johannesburg we have been serving those placed in our care and the community at large.

We're Here

Just call or message us, even better, just come in

Trust Us

We don't judge, we understand and can help

With You

We are on your side, always, every step of the way

Your involvement allows Resthaven to create a future for those in need in our community. Please join us in bringing change to their lives today.

"Being abandoned should never be OK"

Team Resthaven

Why not visit us, take a tour, learn more about what we do!

Ways to make a difference


Be an activist; promote Resthaven on social media and to your contacts.

Raise Funds

Be a fundraiser; instead of receiving gifts for a special occasion, raise funds for us

Spend Time

Use your cheerful nature and time to spend quality time with our residents


Use your talent as a skilled tradesman to assist with repairs

Role Model

Use your time as a Christian father to commit to being a regular role model to our kids


Use your green fingers to spruce up our gardens


Busy professionals could assist us by connecting us with corporate sponsors


Use your fun nature to gather friends to put together birthday celebrations for our residents & kids


Pray for Resthaven; for the safety & wellbeing of our kids, residents and staff


From our blog

Newsletter – April 2024

Hello again Friends, This month we have amazing news – by the Grace of God we have purchased new premises where we intend to grow. We will have more space for newcomers in our homes, we will have a workshop where we intend to have a sustainable income, we will be planting vegetables and, in…

Newsletter – March 2024

To all our amazing Readers, It’s amazing how quickly time is passing! Here we are celebrating Easter already, and I hear there will be a major eclipse on the 8th of April! I started off with a “Thank You” image as some of our donors have been really supportive this month. The impact you guys…

Newsletter – February 2024

Dear Friends, It’s a Leap Year and being a supporter in the empowerment of confident women, I am hoping some of you have taken the initiative to improve – whether it be in your love, work, or emotional states 😊 Enough of the jokes, we are here to share our news and I always try…

We've been blessed lately

thank you

Thank you so much Dashan at Kagiso Tarp & Net for all the grocery buckets and Jorge Martins from Meat World for fresh meat
Dashan Asiragadu
A very big THANK YOU to Audrey at Game Stores Eastgate for the donation towards our Resthaven Food Drive
Thank you so much HotSlots for your generous contribution of a fridge/freezer room and a monetary donation